Aircraft Repo

Aircraft Repossession

STARTRADEHELI provides an efficient aircraft repossession service in the event of a payment or other default results in a breach of an existing lease contract or financing agreement. STARTRADEHELI will ensure this is done professionally, through its legal, technical, commercial and administrative assistance, and will strive to retrieve the aircraft, major components and all relevant historical and maintenance records to minimize any loss in aircraft value during a difficult process.

STARTRADEHELI can also recommend and implement the most appropriate remarketing strategy required to place your aircraft as rapidly as possible, again to limit the financial exposure which is normally incurred following a default.

STARTRADEHELI coordinates and manages the entire repossession and off-lease period using various specialist providers to supply necessary services including managing all reconfiguration / modification / overhaul services required:


Anyone getting into this type of business is going to need highly trained pilots capable of flying a wide variety of aircraft. We hold multi-typerated Pilots and Freelancers from the two-seated Robinson R22 up to the Airbus.

We hold our own Team of Part 66 engineers with over 40 years experience in Aircraft maintenance. A&P mechanics who can inspect the aircraft and make sure that it's airworthy. Then there are liability and legal considerations. This is why there is nearly no company offering this type of service. We can better leverage our and your costs out of our experience!

Once an aircraft has been identified for repossession, we transport our repossession team to where the aircraft is located. More than likely the aircraft will be hangered, requiring us to obtain authorization from the fixed based operator (FBO) to have the aircraft removed from the hangar, inspected and fueled. Additionally, there may be security considerations where we have to take care of. Once the aircraft has been repossessed, we provide storage. Last but nit least we hold our own Actioneer, where we can set the Aircraft on auction.

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