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R44 Clipper 1 OE-XSX OE-XSX

July 2nd, 2022


395.000 Euro
Helicopter Type: R44 Clipper 1
Engine: O540 F1B5
Year of Manufacture: 2000
Expiration Year: 2034
Total Years: 22
Remaining Years: 12
Total Hours: 4400
Remaining Hours: 2200
Color: Black Metallic
Condition: Nice
Price: 395.000 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

D-HELY is just back with us. We importet HELY some years ago from Norway As LN-OGC. This is Heli is the hogh vlaue "Clipperversion" with Popout Float. Inside HELY has got Tan brand new "Bentleystyle" Leatherseats, a Transponder Mode S and 8.33 Mhz Radio. As an additional "Gimmock" HELY has got a Cargohook installed. 
HELY reached its 4400 h nearly and is now undergoing the "big" overhaul. everything will be Zerotimed. 
You will get the Top Model of the R44 Raven 1 Version.
The clock didn't started yet. Feel free to chose the inside and outside color. 
VAT applicable if sold inside the EU.

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

Are you interested in the R44 Clipper 1 OE-XSX OE-XSX and would like to get more information? Simply call us +49-177-7777345 / +49-2736-2995339 or use our Contact Form to leave us a message!