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Revolution Mini 500 BETA Mini 500

July 18th, 2021


29.999 Euro
Helicopter Type: Mini 500
Engine: Rotax 582
Year of Manufacture: 2002
Total Hours: 3
Color: blue
Condition: nice
Price: 29.999 Euro

Worth Knowing Details

Mini 500 procduced by Revolution. This is a perfectly  professionally built by a dutch Mechanic. 
This is the Heli which looks like Hughes 500 as a Baby ;-)

The engine is a Rotax 582. 

This is Serialnumber 487, so one of the last ever sold Kits. Only 500 pcs were ever sold. So this is a unique piece of aviation Histroy. 

This Mini 500 has all Modifications of the latest BETA Version. So it is even a BETA MINI 500

The Heli has not yet a Registration, but we think it should be possible to get an N-reg, as an Experimental.

All Documentation, included Pictures from the building process comes with the Heli

No VAT applicable

Exterior Pictures

Further Information

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