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Our Division "Skytouch GmbH & Co KG" is the Flightacademy of your choice! We have splittet our company in two divisions:

First our Base: STARTRADE HELI

This is on of our Fundamant! It is our Part 145 Maintenance and Factory Overhaulshop in our Organisation. If there is anything you need, we can support you! We keep a hugh stock of serviceable parts. And are as well happy to sell new Parts to really good prices!


Here we train you on many kind of Helicopters (our Favourites are the Robinsons!!) to be a Pilot yourself. Our aim is to keep the best prices for the best education on the market. 

We will be now even Better as "Skytouch Heli" and "Startrade Heli" as every division can focus on their strength. Startrade Heli on the Maintenance, the Overhauls, 12y Inspections, Factory approved component Overhauls and Parts and Sales. Skytouch Heli will be shortly already the most popular Flightacademy for R22/R44 and R66. Our Network ist worldwide and we are connected to all major Companies and Persons in this Branch!

Still Mr Erik Langenbach, our CEO, will be your reliable Partner at any time. If there is anything you need or you only want to talk to him - feel free to contact him at any time!

He will be involved in any buy and sell. And with his experience in the dealing, out of many years, and hundrets of Helicopters, he knows exactly how it works, if it comes to the Point of Training, he is with many thousands Flighthours on Robinson Helicopters ones of the most experienced Pilots. Ask him and to talk to him for your belongings!